About Us

Being a solo millennial writer in 2017, after seeing how bad situations have gotten in the 21st century. Progressives, communists and left-wing media has taken over society, displacing thousands of years of moral character. Displacing thousands of years of tradition, of both the east and west, this has already become a prevalent phenomena. Beautiful dresses of different colors degenerated to highly exposed nudity and stupidity. Beautiful “heavenly inspired” folk and classical music degenerated into present day “sex and fame inspired” pop music and pop culture. Even art such as the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa has degenerated into Picasso and Paintings of no artistic value.

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I thought to myself, i can’t let these issues go unnoticed, i must filter these issues into a simpler language which our present day millennials can understand and put into practice. Going against the left-wing may be counter-intuitive for the average millennial, but “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” – Lao Zi.

I have gathered paragraphs of higher wisdom, or some that even you might deem superstitious. I have filtered it to a level that anyone can read and understand. So please note that most of my information is copied from different sources. This is truly beyond science, things that science simply can’t explain. Believe in The Divine, repent your sins/karma and all will be revealed.

May Divinely Aspirations Guide You..