Turkey To Remove Evolution From Textbooks

(Telegraph.co.uk)Turkish schoolchildren will no longer be taught about evolution, a government official has said, in another sign of the conservative direction the country is heading in under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Alpaslan Durmus, the head of curriculum for the ministry of education, said that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was “controversial” and would be removed from school programmes by 2019.

“We have excluded controversial subjects for students at an age unable yet to understand the issues’ scientific background,” Mr Durmus said.

“As the students at ninth grade are not endowed with antecedents to discuss the ‘Origin of Life and Evolution’ section in biology classes, this section will be delayed until undergraduate study.”

The proposal to strip evolution from the curriculum was included in a draft proposal that has already been approved by Mr Erdogan, Mr Durmus said. The final curriculum will be released next week.

The move is part of what secular critics describe as a creeping strain of Islamism throughout Turkey’s once proudly secular state.

A group of Turkish academics criticised the move saying that it put Turkey in the same category as Saudi Arabia, where the deeply religious curriculum forbids the teaching of evolution.

“The subjects of Science and Technology classes in elementary schools should be presented with a perspective that allows students to connect it to subjects they will encounter in future years. It should provide them with an evolutionary point of view,” the academics said in a statement.

The Quran, like the Bible, teaches that Adam and Eve were the first humans. God is said to have created Adam from Clay and then formed Eve, also known as Hawwa, from Adam.

Evolution is not widely accepted among religious Muslims in Turkey, although some liberal Islamic scholars have suggested that Darwin’s theory is not incompatible with the Quran’s teachings.

The education ministry is also reportedly planning to scale back teaching about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey and avowed secularist.

Ataturk’s legacy holds an uneasy place in Mr Erdogan’s Turkey. His image still appears on posters and in statues across the country and he is revered for having won Turkey’s independence.

But Mr Erdogan and his fellow religious conservatives have also unraveled much of the strictly secular system that he left behind, arguing that it marginalised and discriminated against religious Muslims.

The Harm of Video Games

(Minghui.org) Many people play electronic games these days on their cell phones, tablets, or computers. People of all ages and walks of life seem to be focused on the virtual worlds in these games.

They may not realize it, but playing electronic games wastes a lot of their time. There are many types of advanced games these days and it’s easy to get addicted to them. Children and adults have been harmed mentally and physically as a result of playing these games. Some children have developed near-nearsightedness because of video games. Many adults have eye problems and cannot sleep well.

Playing video games can have adverse psychological consequences. This kind of addiction can easily lead to psychological disorders. When people are focused on their games, they do not pay much attention to their relatives or friends. For children, this is similar to autism, in that they are unwilling to interact with their parents. Adults may ignore their family responsibilities. Worse yet, some people spend lots of money on virtual games.

Video games promote violence and immorality. Parents want to teach their children the difference between right and wrong so that they can become upstanding people. But when children are addicted to video games, the results could be the opposite. Games are usually about monsters or vicious people and they can be a bad influence on young minds.

Traditional culture promotes the positive side of humanity, such as protecting nature and treating others with respect. Video games encourage people to be violent, destructive or to kill others. They are against traditional culture and humanity.

Video games waste people’s time. People spend long hours playing video games instead of taking care of their families or other responsibilities. If this trend continues, people may forget the goals they once had and become lost in the virtual world of video games.

Are Chinese Communists Still Communist?

The Chinese Communist Party is essentially an evil tyrannical government who has brainwashed millions and is wishing to push it’s arm to overseas media. Namely the billboard in Times Square.

Your Incoherent Question
To answer your question ironically, how can Communists be Communists if they don’t believe in Communism. Communism is communism that black and white, you can be Soviet and that’ll be Communist like in China. Communism is the same thing all around the world, how can “Chinese Communists not Believe in Communism.”

But let’s suppose your question was “Do Chinese People Still Believe in Communism.” This question is no longer black and white, different groups of Chinese People have different receptions and corresponding perceptions of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Two Views
Imagine you were a rich teacher during the cultural revolution, and you knew how low life the Communist Party was. You would be most likely be robbed of all your wealth by the Chinese Communist Party. Your private property confiscated by the Communist Party and you will be walking around with a board around your neck and bashed by students brainwashed by the Communists. You hate the Chinese Communists and most likely not believe in Communism.

On the contrary, if you were a poor peasant who farms to earn a little bit of money. The Communist Party gives you a small share of money they probably stole from the Rich People. You are so happy for the Communist Party and you’ll probably join in their harmful propaganda even though they may have given only 20% of the money stolen to you and kept 80% for themselves. These people usually have a pro-Communist Mindset.

Truth of Communism
I can say that the Chinese Communist Party is the real life manifestation of pure evil. As they:

  • Rob the Rich
  • Muzzle the Enlightened
  • Deceive the Poor

5 Reasons Mother/Son Relationships Are So Important

When you first hear of a child’s relationship with the family, one would usually associate with mother/daughter or father/son relationships but not vice versa. And for generations, society would look down to mother/son relationships, with the flagship name being a mommy’s boy or expressly an overall wuss. There are even counts of mothers holding hands with her boy in the shopping mall as a punishment. As she would quickly would associate and attempt to carry the idea to others as something society would look down on. Today i have gathered 5 reasons that this mother/son relationship is a crucial part of any family.

1 – Better Anger Management
Baby boys who do not have secure attachments with their mothers go on to have behavioral problems later in life. Studies reveal that boys who do not bond securely with their mothers in the infant years act much more hostile, destructive and aggressive later in life. A close bond with their moms when boys were young helped prevent delinquency when they were older.

On the other hand, Boys who associate closely or bond with their fathers are more accepted in society as the “manly man.” This bond is generally looked up to as a higher standard. Even though research has suggested that these children would grow up to be more aggressive and disobedient in society. As they take on the aggressive and testosterone fueled nature of males.

2 – Better Academia
Boys who are close to their mothers perform better in school. Mothers often nurture emotional intelligence in their sons, teaching them to recognize and express their own feelings and to be more attuned to the feelings of others. These boys not only become more articulate–which helps them with reading and writing skills, but also have better self-control in the classroom.

3 – Better Psychology
A close mother-son relationship is good for a boy’s mental health. A study presented at the American Psychological Association showed that boys who are close to their mothers tend not to buy into hyper-masculine stereotypes. They don’t believe, for instance, that you have to always act tough, go it alone or fight to prove your manhood every time you are challenged. These boys remained more emotionally open. Not only did they have better friendships, but also less anxiety and depression than their testosterone fueled peers.

4 – Better Risk Management
Teenage boys who are close to their moms engage in less risky behavior. It has long been known that good parent-teen communication can help lesson the influence of negative peer pressure. But new research shows that it is a boy’s mother who is the most influential when it comes to her son’s decision making about alcohol, drugs and sex. Some researchers speculate that the nature of mother-son communication accounts for the difference: mothers usually don’t have one big “drug talk” or “locker room talk” but instead tend to weave the topic into other conversations or family activities.

5 – Success Later in Life
Moms who keep their sons close are setting them up for success later in life, both in personal relationships and at work. Because mothers work to teach their sons emotional intelligence (starting from when the days they urge their screaming toddler to “use your words” to when they won’t accept their teenage son’s grunts as a reasonable response) their sons grow up with the communication skills that they need to navigate adulthood.

So.. The next time you go out with your mom to the shopping center/re don’t hesitate to hold hands with her to express how much gratitude you have for her. Don’t be afraid of being looked/stared at, be proud of being a #mommysboy

“Article Originally by The Telegram”