Atheism Arguments

Arguments of Atheists
Some people may argue
– “The existence of any deity has never been proven and is unlikely ever to be proven.”
– “Good could be done, without a worry if there is a god or not!”

What Atheists Can’t Explain
There are 4 general forces known by science which includes: gravity, weak force, strong force and electromagnetism. These forces were determined picoseconds after the Big Bang. If any of these forces are changed in any way, the law of physics would not allow this universe to exist at all. So to say, without God, the chance of this universe existing is a mystery that baffles modern day science and Atheists.

Why humans are not acting like good people without the guidance of God. There has been countless individuals who did extremely evil acts in the name of God including but not limited to Adolf Hitler.

But wait! It would, indeed, be arrogant and ignorant to claim that people cannot be good without belief in God. But that was not the question. The question was: can we be good without God? When we ask that question, we are posing in a provocative way the meta-ethical question of the objectivity of moral values. Are the values we hold dear and guide our lives by mere social conventions akin to driving on the left versus right side of the road or mere expressions of personal preference akin to having a taste for certain foods or not? Or are they valid independently of our apprehension of them, and if so, what is their foundation? Moreover, if morality is just a human convention, then why should we act morally, especially when it conflicts with self-interest? Or are we in some way held accountable for our moral decisions and actions?

Some faiths such as Buddhism and Judaism believes that if you commit wrong deeds in this life, you’ll be punished by God in hell or in the afterlife. So if God doesn’t exist, you can commit unlimited evil without worrying about going to hell or suffering in the afterlife.

We obtain virtue through suffering, enduring setbacks, and doing good deeds; Sin is accrued by committing bad deeds and doing wrong things or bullying people. Nowadays, some people are not only bent solely on profit, but they even stop at no evil. They will do all kinds of evil things for money, and they will also commit murder, pay someone to kill, practice homosexuality, and abuse drugs. They do all kinds of things.[src]

If there is no God, murder is wrong means simply “i don’t like murder…” and morality is merely an opinion.
– Dennis Prager

What Christians talk about original sin, is what Buddhists believe as primordial karma accumulated from one’s past life.