Communism & Atheism

How The Communist Party Enforces Atheism
All forms of Communism promotes atheism and claims that religion is “spiritual opium” that can intoxicate the people. It used its power to squelch all religions in China, and then it deified itself, giving absolute rule of the country to the cult of Communism.

At the same time as the CCP sabotaged religion, it also destroyed traditional culture. It claimed that tradition, morality and ethics were feudalistic, superstitious and reactionary, eradicating them in the name of revolution. During the great Cultural Revolution, widespread ugly phenomena violated Chinese traditions, such as married couples accusing each other, students beating their teachers, fathers and sons turning against each other, Red Guards wantonly killing the innocent, and rebels beating, smashing and looting. These were the natural consequences of the CCP’s smothering human nature.

After establishing its regime, the CCP forced minority nationalities to pledge allegiance to the communist leadership, compromising the rich and colorful ethnic culture they had established.