Christian Standpoint

Drugs in The Bible
You will not find the word “drugs” in most English versions of the Bible. However, the New Testament portion of the Bible was originally written in Greek. The Greek word “pharmakia” from which we get our words “pharmacy” and “pharmaceutical” is found in Galatians 5:20 where it is translated into English as “sorcery” but has an underlying meaning of “drugs.” It is one of the results of living a life apart from the Spirit of God. The Greek word is also found in Revelation 9:21 where it is listed with murders and sexual immorality as being something from which people have not repented. The same Greek word appears in Revelation 18:23 where it is linked to wicked Babylon and to deception.

There are things that one may do that do not lead one closer to Christ. Doing drugs is one of those things. Drugs bring one under its own power. In this sense, it is a sorcery. Drugs do not build up the body of Christ, but rather tear it down. Drugs sap your strength, occupy your mind, consume your resources so that you cannot bless others with what you have, create a dependency, control, sap life from a person, and often kill. Drugs do not edify (build you up and make you stronger or make you to be a blessing to your family or draw others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ). Do not be deceived by them.

Instead of seeking a “high” or “buzz” from drugs, you Christians should seek to be in love of Jesus Christ. The first and great command remains to love God with all of our heart. If we spend our time pursuing a love for Jesus Christ, seeking to get to know Him through prayer, reading and memorizing the Bible, and doing what He tells us to do, we will find that our relationship with Him is far more powerful, enriching, and rewarding than any experience from drugs. I urge you to get into fellowship with a group of Christians and agree with each other to do whatever you can to make each other a stronger and more vibrant Christian.