This Problem is Too Great
Millennials in the 21st century has access to a bountiful amount of information which we know as the internet. But as to everything else, there is a dark side to this internet. You might not notice it but it has already become the social norm. Sex and money inspired pop culture including music and videos have changed the young mind’s view on the negatives of homosexuality and drugs.

The leftist ideology that everyone should be equal has also brainwashed the minds of the majority of the young people. Marriage equality, gender equality and so on. If you go back 100 years in Midwestern USA, none of these things would be heard of, none of the less happened.

So called political incorrectness, hate speech and neo-fascism are terms minted by left-wing socialist society. These terms has only appeared in the last 100 years. So as to say, if you’d gone back 100 years, to ANY country, homosexuality is wrong would be the norm, nonoftheless controversial.

If leftists emphasize so much on equality, why can’t traditionist conservatives have free speech without being criticized by the left? And why can’t the rich and the poor have equal taxes?

Leftism has been a very unsuccessful idealology and has never won many votes. Not because Americans are neo-fascist. But because God simply won’t and will never allow such abominations.