Why Are There Poor People

Source Cause of Poor-ness
If someone has taken advantage of someone else, he will be punished in the afterlife. Being very poor or a refugee, the only way he could compensate for this is to suffer in the life he is in. On the other hand, if someone has accumulated a lot of virtue. He’ll become very rich or a high ranking official in the afterlife.[src]

Welfare knocks this equilibrium out of proportions. Giving other money is not necessarily a good thing because the poor person who has to suffer does not have the opportunity to suffer. Therefore, this person will become poorer and poorer in the afterlife until his original soul is completely eliminated. When the rich pay taxes to pay the welfare, the get rewarded with virtue. And with virtue, they’ll become richer and richer in the future.

The social-economic divide is a huge representation of how welfare has knocked out this equilibrium in the present day.